Collection: UGG Tasman

The UGG Tasman/Tazz: how to wear the new trendy slipper?

The slipper trend has taken over UGGs
This is nothing new, everything that was fashionable in the early 2000s is coming back to the forefront. If UGGs have long been a has-been and neglected in the back of our closets, they have now become must-haves! These last few years have at least had one advantage, which is to reconcile us with comfortable pieces and loungewear in all circumstances!
The plus of this version? Its versatile side: it goes just as well with a 100% comfy look as with a more chic look! It can be worn as a sneaker, a mule or an ankle boot. They combine everything you're looking for for winter: comfort and style! This model is perfect for outdoor use!
But how to differentiate the UGG Tazz from the Tasman? The Tasman model has a thinner sole and edging in brown tones. While the Tazz model has a platform sole and red trim. Its “chestnut” color makes it all the more essential. Indeed, it combines with all the other key colors of autumn: white, beige, black, gray, and even green.