Collection: Adidas Spezial

Founded in 1949 by Adi Dassler, Adidas has made its mark in history by marking generations with its iconic innovations and designs.
The German brand has evolved from classics Adidas Campus And Adidas Superstar to the avant-garde technologies of the series Adidas Ultraboost such as midsole Boost offering exceptional energy return.
There Adidas strategy also extends to high-end collaborations. Notable partnerships with renowned artists such as Kanye West for the line Yeezy Or Pharrell Williams for the Hu series have propelled the brand to the top of international streetwear.
Beyond fashion, Adidas is resolutely committed to sustainability. Initiatives like Parley program , transforming ocean plastic waste into high-performance shoes, illustrates this commitment.
A special selection of eco-responsible sneakers is available at Kickzmi for environmentally conscious consumers.

The new Adidas Spezial silhouette

There Adidas Handball Spezial men and the Adidas Women's Spezial introduced in 1979, remain an iconic silhouette. Initially designed for handball players, it offers grip and support.
Its minimalist and vintage design has earned it widespread popularity beyond the handball courts.
There Adidas Handball Spezial first designed for sports practice has become a lifestyle shoe prized. Its versatility and timeless aesthetic make it a fashion icon, often reissued or involved in special collaborations.

The top 3 sales of Adidas Spezial

There Adidas Spezial Handball Scarle offers a colorful edition of the classic silhouette. This Adidas Spezial red brings a distinctive touch to the sneakers, maintaining the quality of the suede construction and the characteristic rubber outsole.
There Adidas Handball Spezial Clear Pink revisits the classic model with shades of pink contrasting perfectly with its rubber sole. A real breath of fresh air for those looking to add a bold note to their collection with this Adidas Spezial pink .
There Adidas Handball Spezial Aluminum Core Black combines simplicity and sophistication. This Adidas Spezial gray is enhanced by beige suede details, and the three black stripes add a touch of refinement.
There Adidas Spezial remains a timeless silhouette that surprises with its subtlety. Adidas remains an essential choice, whether you are a fan of trendy sneakers or simply a fashion enthusiast. Between tradition and modernity, the Adidas Spezial offers a diverse range combining design, performance and environmental responsibility.