Collection: Yeezy FOAM RNNR


In November 2019, Kanye West is in full promotion of his album Jesus Is King. To mark the occasion, Ye will be Travis Scott's surprise guest during his Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas. During his performance on Follow God , Yeezy will reveal to us for the first time its Foam RNNR at the feet. Imagined in collaboration with the illustrious footwear designer, Steven Smith , this new avant-garde silhouette will make an impression, due to its futuristic silhouette which slightly takes the shape of the Yeezy 350 And Yeezy 380 but also thanks to its composition in foam made from recycled algae and grown on the 4,000 acre ranch purchased by Mr. West. Located in Wyoming, this ranch will be the new headquarters of Yeezy but will also be the place of manufacturing of Foams. The goal is that in the long term, all of Ye's designs will be manufactured in the United States to reduce the environmental impact of production in Asia and create jobs for locals. After the Yeezy 500 and the Yeezy 700 , the Foams embody the limitless creativity of the Chicago artist and illustrate the eco-system that Kanye creates over time, between music, fashion and design. It will arouse numerous reactions (positive or negative) like most Adidas Yeezy designs but will also be at the origin of the new mule/clog trend with the return of Fangs and silhouettes in monobloc (especially with Yeezy Slides ).


It all starts with the color Ararat for men and women. This is the first edition to be marketed in 2020. With its refined look, it will be a real success and will be highly coveted by sneakerheads around the world. The color will then follow Sand , with its cream tones that strongly resemble the OG. At the same time, Adidas and Yeezy presented the color Mineral Blue in the midnight blue tint and the MX Clay Cream which displayed a gradient of colors with a marbled effect. The latter will be followed by other “mixed” versions with the MX Moon Gray , with cream gray details, the MX Sand Gray with bluish spots and finally the MX Carbon which displayed a black base with pink and yellow spots. But the Foams will mainly be adored and coveted for their solid colors like the Vermilion . Released in October 2021, it echoed the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red October from 2014, the latest model in collaboration with Kanye West's Nike. But as with the Yeezy QNTM , the Ye creative teams favored more sober colors like the Sulfur and its yellow reflections, the Ocher which oscillates between beige and brown, the mist and finally the Stone Sage . The Foam Runner goes with any outfit. Choose pants with slightly oversized cuts like denim, cargo pants or sweatpants/joggings.