Collection: Adidas Forum Low

Historical model of the catalog Adidas , the Forum Low was born in 1984 . Designed for the practice of basketball , she quickly established herself on the courts as the most innovative pair of her time.
After the parquet floors, the Forum Low has also managed to find a place on the street. Since its creation, it has regularly been the result of collaboration as with Jeremy Scott Or Prada , in the style of the collection Adidas Gucci . It's in 2021 that it was brought back to the forefront until it rose to the top of trends in 2023 thanks to his retro look really popular.

A design made in France for an Adidas sneaker designed for basketball

In 1983 , it's the French designer Jacques Chassaing who imagines the silhouette of the Forum, which will become one of the sneakers the most emblematic of Adidas. Initially, the Forum is designed for basketball. It was also on the basketball courts that she experienced her first successes, notably at the feet of a certain Michael Jordan just before signing with Nike .
Jacques Chassaing worked with coaches and players for several months to find out how to offer a pair capable of suiting an entire team, taking into account the physical differences and roles of the different players. This is how the reinforcement strap on the ankle, like the bandages used in sports medicine.

How to wear your Adidas Forum Low?

The Forum Low lends itself to numerous collaborations. It is also found in the category women's sneakers that men's sneakers . The vintage accents of this model offer endless outfit possibilities. It can be worn with a tracksuit for a more casual look, with oversized jeans or with skirts and dresses for a preppy style.

What is the difference between the Adidas Forum Low and Mid?

The Forum is Adidas' first basketball silhouette offered in three versions: high, mid and low. The major difference between the mid and low versions of the Forum is the height at which the shoe goes. When on the low, the silhouette stops at ankle level, it goes up a little higher on the mid version.