Collection: Nike SB


There Nike Dunk which celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2020, is far from having had a classic story. This legendary sneaker was not intended to tread the streets and the grips of skateboards but rather the floors of the NBA . Created in 1985, The Dunk was a big inspiration for the release of the Air Jordan 1 . Overshadowed by the release of the legendary model of Jordan , this silhouette will bounce back into a completely different sector, skateboarding, in its Dunk High version and especially Dunk Low .
It was in 1997 that the giant with the swoosh began to look at the world of skateboarding. The market was dominated by many specialized players such as DC Shoes or Vans . This made it very difficult to market skate shoes , as Nike was not at all legitimate to the skateboarding community. It was in 2002 that the firm really decided to take a step into the world of skateboarding by creating its Nike SB line and offering us a first silhouette which without knowing it would become a classic of sneaker culture , the Nike SB Dunk Low . It will also be deployed in a Dunk High version. With a difficult launch, the SB range will gradually become a reference in the world of skateboarding. Thanks to a selective selection centered on skateshops, and under the impetus of redesigned design by skaters like Danny Suppa and Reese Forbes ; the brand with the swoosh finally confirms its leading position and its legitimacy. But the model that will stand out from the crowd and establish itself as the hype sneaker model of the 2000s is the Nike Dunk Low . Today, creative teams are constantly reinventing the model, particularly with hybrid models like the Dunk Low Disrupt .


Over the years, the SB range has drastically impacted the world of sneakers with limited editions that have fascinated many collectors since 2002. Nike knew that it was necessary to deploy limited editions which would generate special interest for the skateboard community. This is how in September 2002, the equipment manufacturer joined forces with Supreme , a New York shop specializing in skateboarding that will revolutionize the world of streetwear and sneakers . For their first collaboration, the two entities are inspired by the OG colors of the Air Jordan 3 and offer us the Dunk Low Pro SB Supreme White Cement And Dunk Low Pro SB Supreme Black Cement . Released in 500 copies worldwide, they will be one of the spearheads of the Nike SB movement. 1 year later, in 2003, an exclusive pack of three SB Dunk High Supremes was released: Varsity Red, University Blue and College Orange. The same year in August, the most popular and recognizable model of Nike SB will be released: the Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Paris . Around 200 pairs were sold for the traveling exhibition White Dunk: Evolution Of An Icon by Nike in 2003. Several very rare SB Dunk versions were also presented, specially created around the theme of the cities hosting the traveling exhibition. This pair in “Rope/Special Cardinal” colors (using beige suede) illustrates Paris by superimposing reproductions of canvases made by French painter Bernard Buffet. It is currently the most expensive SB Dunk for resale. Two years later, in March 2005, it was Jeff Staple and his Dunk Low Pro SB Pigeon which will create a media and cultural tidal wave. Exclusively released at. New York, it will be nicknamed the "Riot" because of the riots it will create on the day of its launch. Today, the Dunk SB is experiencing a second golden age thanks to collaborations with the artist Travis Scott , the ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's or the shop Strangelove .