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Currently, the sneaker world has a worldwide distribution. This popularity is attributable to the rapid success of these sneakers . Initially created for sport, the sneakers are now integrated into daily life, and sneakers still retain many mysteries. We invite you to explore their development in recent years.


Popular belief holds that sneakers emerged only a few decades ago, but in reality their history goes back much further. In the 19th century, in the United States, first version of sneakers came into being thanks to the Keds brand . This model introduced a revolutionary innovation: the rubber sole.
This rubber sole brought a new level of comfort to sport shoes . In addition, it made travel silent. The English expression "sneak on" quickly gave these shoes the name we know today: “sneakers” .


THE exclusive sneakers have followed the evolution of their times, as evidenced by the most fashionable collections of the moment, namely the Yeezy of Kanye West and the Air Jordan Travis Scott . There Jordan Travis Scott is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the American giant Nike and the rapper Travis Scott . Its flagship model is the Jordan 4 Cactus Jack . To stand out from other ranges of Air Jordan Travis Scott relies on a traditional white leather upper.
However, the paneling choices lean towards a shade of brown. To add a touch of originality, unlike models Jordan 1 Mid And Jordan 1 Low traditional, the designers opted for a Swoosh black on each side and smiley patterns on the heels. One of the distinctive elements of this trendy sneakers is its logo Cactus Jack , present on the tongues.
It should be noted that a small pocket is hidden inside the lining, a surprise for those who purchase this pair. The brand New Balance is also making waves with its collection New Balance 550 limited edition release. Nike for its part, innovates with new models in bright colors in its range Nike Dunk Low offering high versions as well as low versions and different colors with the new Dunk Low brown and the famous Blue Dunk Low .


The aspiration of Nike to be among the best sneaker manufacturers is undeniable. To achieve this goal, the brand leveraged a variety of tools, including technological innovations. The collection Air Max Plus is a convincing example. At the basis of the project Air Max Plus TN lay the desire to create one of the most efficient sneakers on the market.
Currently, one of the major concerns is climate change and environmental preservation. Large companies, regardless of their field of activity, generate waste, which has varying degrees of impact on nature.
If the Dunk Low Next Natural managed to be the sneaker with the smallest carbon footprint, it would be a real success as with the Dunk Low Mint . To create this eco-friendly sneaker copy, Nike chose to use waste as raw material. An idea that seemed bold, but Nike brilliantly brought to fruition.
Adidas meanwhile, has also made its mark in the field of technological advances, notably with its Boost technology . All the Adidas sneakers have been equipped with this technology for at least eight years. Thanks to it, each step generates energy.
It should be noted that this feat was made possible thanks to the use of a sole made of expanded particles. Furthermore, the Boost technology offers multiple benefits to athletes. It guarantees increased comfort during training, offering runners a feeling of well-being, reducing the perception of physical effort and thus improving their performance.
THE Yeezy Boost 350 V2 in particular, are renowned for their exceptional comfort thanks to their Boost soles .