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The story of Air Jordan begins in 1984 when Nike offers to Michael Jordan , the young basketball prodigy, a partnership contract and gives him the freedom to design his own shoe. For the little anecdote, before the approach of the Boston equipment manufacturer , the player wanted to be sponsored by the brand Converse . He also wore the model Chuck Taylor 70 . The star brand judged the player as not “promising” enough so he turned to the three-striped brand, Adidas . The basketball player was not convinced by their proposal. Nike has therefore worked extra hard by offering a great financial offer of $2.5 million over 5 years , one clothing line in his image and one payment of royalties for each item sold .
THE limited edition sneakers Air Jordan are known for their advanced technology and foam cushioning. Popular sports shoe, fans of the brand are waiting for new models to add them to their collection. The popularity of the Air Jordan continues to grow thanks to the numerous expected collaborations ( Off-White, Dior,... )


There Air Jordan 4 is an iconic shoe from the Jordan brand, launched in 1989. Designed by Tinker Hatfield , the AJ4 introduced many new features for the Jordan line, including an improved lacing system, a unit Air-Sole visible at the heel for better cushioning and sole Improved rubber exterior for better grip. The Air Jordan 4 was also the first Jordan basketball to be marketed worldwide, which allowed the brand to gain popularity internationally. The Air Jordan 4 became famous after being worn by Michael Jordan in his game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1989, where he scored 69 points. It is now considered one of the most iconic Jordan shoes of all time and is still highly prized by collectors and fans. sneakers .