Collection: Air Jordan 1 Low

The sneakers come in 3 main versions: Jordan 1 Low , Jordan 1 Mid , Jordan 1 High . The Air Jordan 1 Low is a low-top version of the iconic Air Jordan 1 shoe, offering more lightness and a casual style. The design of the AJ1 Low was inspired by the high version of the shoe. The Air Jordan 1 Low has a leather or suede base and the famous Wings is embroidered on the heel. These sneakers also come in a variety of colors and materials, appealing to sneaker fans looking for a stylish, casual look. In addition to their sleek aesthetic, the Air Jordan 1 Low also features Nike Air-Sole technology, which provides optimal comfort for quick movements on the basketball court or simply for everyday commuting. The durable rubber outsole also provides excellent grip for a quality basketball shoe. The Air Jordan 1 Low has also seen growing popularity in urban fashion. Streetwear enthusiasts have embraced the shoe for its sleek style and versatility, and have incorporated it into casual looks and evening wear. In summary, the AJ1 Low is an iconic basketball model that has stood the test of time. Whether you're a sneaker fan or an urban fashion enthusiast, this shoe is a must-have that will add style to your shoe collection.


The Air Jordan 1 Low fits normally, so it is advisable to take your usual size on this basketball model. You can wear your pair of Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers with any outfit, whether it's simple jeans, sportswear or a suit, the AJ1 Low will fit perfectly into your wardrobe.


The collaboration with the famous rapper and music producer Travis Scott and the Jordan brand on the Air Jordan 1 Low was launched in 2019. Over the years several colors have seen the light of day, from the Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott Mocha to the famous Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott x Fragment through the Jordan 1 low Travis Scott Reverse Mocha or the Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott Black Phantom . Finally, in 2023 we will be entitled to the final part of this collaboration, the Air Jordan 1 low Travis Scott Olive . All of these collaborations have one thing in common, the inverted “Swoosh” logo on the sides of the pair. This logo is today Travis Scott's trademark and the symbol of the partnership between Nike and the American rapper. The Air Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott have become essential models in streetwear culture and are very popular with sneaker collectors.