Collection: Adidas Campus


At the end of the 1970s , the brand with the three stripes wanted to establish itself in the field of basketball by creating the Adidas Tournament . To do this, it decided to merge two of its flagship models: the Adidas Gazelle and the Adidas Superstar . However, the pair of sneakers was not very successful and was renamed Adidas Campus . A change that will mark the start of a new era for this sneaker. Another world will propel the Adidas Campus to stardom. The Adidas Campus 80s is quickly becoming an essential choice for fans of streetwear and hip-hop culture. At the time, breakdancers and rappers appropriated it, then it conquered the skateboarding world. To meet the needs of skaters, Adidas is even reworking the sole so that it adheres perfectly to the board.
Adidas innovates and creates the Adidas Campus 00s , these sneakers that are all the rage on social networks and on the feet of sneaker addicts. It features a suede upper with the iconic three leather stripes. Its comfort is exceptional thanks to a thick foam sole. On the outside, we find a rubber sole which reinforces its retro style and provides optimal grip for skaters.
If you like variety of colors, you will not be disappointed with the Campus 00s. Sober colors with the Campus 00s black or the Campus 00s gray , more daring colors with the Campus 00s Red , the Campus 00s Blue or the Campus 00s Green .